Helsinki’s living room
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Our goal is to create an inspirational living room for Helsinki residents and their guests from near and far.

A place that brings people together in an atmosphere of creativity and fun. A place that combines workspaces with sports, theatre, music, unique events, inspiring food and drink. A place that is bubbling with ideas and life in the day and at night.

We want to be the new destination — where a visit is a reward in itself.

Our vision

In 2016 the industrial district and its buildings were discovered by the former US Ambassador to Finland, Mr. Bruce Oreck & his business partners.

Driven by a deep respect for the area’s past, they embarked on a mission of developing the district into a new & exciting urban cultural oasis.

The goal is nothing less than creating a landmark showpiece for Helsinki – and a new living room for Helsinkians

A new start

The Pasila Train Factory is a key piece of Helsinki’s and Finland’s industrial heritage.

Established in 1903, the Train Factory built the passenger and cargo cars for the Finnish Railways (VR) until well into the 1990’s. The Train Factory played a key role in meeting post war reparations and in the heady days of industrialization after the war

But the Train Factory was much more than a company. It was a city within a city. A community with shared stories and pastimes, countless clubs and a sense of togetherness that extended into after-work beers, holiday trips and life-long friendships.

As an industrial estate, Train Factory is a uniquely beautiful expression of its era and a Helsinki landmark — one of he most famous industrial buildings in Finland.

It is this historical feeling of community and the decidedly urban, industrial settings that we wish to preserve and breathe new life into.

More about our history from the Pasila trainworks tradition association (in Finnish)

Photo: Helsingin kaupunginmuseo


The former industrial district surrounding the Train Factory has discovered its strength and will be reborn as the beating heart of urban culture in Helsinki in a style that until now has only been seen in the World’s metropolises.

The Train Factory’s stylish offices, studios and working spaces will stand out from all others, and are especially well suited for the creative industries. Home to many corporate headquarters, the whole area is vibrant with positive change and dynamic creativity. Night and day.

Train Factory will be a place full of culture, wellbeing, sports, shopping, a unique market hall, events and entertainment and much, much more.

The name Train Factory has a strong international flavour and deep links to the glorious past of the complex.

An inspiring

The Train Factory is a different kind of business. Becoming Helsinki’s living room requires much more than the usual from us. It’s why we are driven by our values and vision.

Historic — by preserving our heritage, we protect our future and help give new life to an old and valuable community

Urban — we are stylishly rough and wish to keep that special something that makes us more than just another place — a destination.

Inspiring — we will always strive to make your visit feel like a reward in itself.

Sustainable — we make informed choices. Healthy life choices and sustainability are in our genes.

Our core

With a gravitational pull of its own, the Konepaja area is truly where it’s happening and the Train Factory will become its new heart and soul.

Teollisuuskatu is the 2nd most important thoroughfare in Helsinki, connecting the Vallila-Kallio district with all parts of the City, its main train stations and the Airport. Tram, bus and metro connections are excellent with cars having access to a 1st class parking facility on-site in the Electric Train Building.

An array of high-quality apartment buildings have been built around the site as has the innovative boutique Folks Hotel. Headquarters buildings for Nordea and OP Trust are within 5 minutes walk along with numerous other places of work. Train Factory will be the Living Room for all.

Read more about the City’s development plans for the area

Watch Helsinki City Planning video about the area’s future

A developing

The renovation of the 1st phase is nearing completion with the National Theatre being completed this month, the BilleBeino Padel Courts open and operating well, with a best in class Lidl store under construction, and with events being put on by No Fear and food and beverage being operated by the Corona Bar and Train Factory Food and Libations. You can also get your hair cut at The Container Barbers.

Working closely with the City and the Finnish Heritage Agency, all windows and the 2.5 hectare roof are sensitively being replaced whilst all the roads and the adjacent park are close to final restoration.

The extensive, external courtyard between the former Paint Shop and Assembly Hall will increasingly be used for gatherings and events in the summer months.

It is expected that the historic buildings will be fully renovated by December 2022.

Building up
step by step

Train Factory is there for everyone who knows the urban codes and enjoys a creative mix of lifestyles.

We are a place for encounters that spark new ideas. The international and the local, the industrial heritage and the sustainable future mixing together to create an atmosphere of inclusive premium.

We are an inviting community. Because being an individual just by yourself is only half the story. Train Factory welcomes you to your new living room — enjoy yourself, inspire and be inspired!

Dresscode: come as you are

living room

Train Factory and the whole district will develop strongly even after the current building phases are completed, beyond 2022.

The long-term plan includes a new high-class hotel and a modern office tower, both of which will complement the historic buildings and are much sought after by forward-thinking operators.

The area is recognised as an increasingly important business hub with a good range of residential accommodation. World Headquarter campuses have already been completed for Nordea Bank and OP Trust, with media companies now starting to cluster in the neighbourhood. The MTV Group is currently moving in to the Konepaja area with many other companies considering a move once suitable accommodation is available.

Register for the SAFA’s Urban Desing Competition with this link.

(Deadline for the Design and PreQualification submissions: 22.4.2022)


Whether you run a retail operation, require offices, sportier premises, or host art or entertainment and events we have 23 975 m2 of space in total — and can match your needs in truly unique settings.

Our spaces are:
Creative — offices and studio spaces built to match the needs of creative industries.
Flexible — multiple corporate tenants can share the same space to achieve synergies.
Different — our office and retail spaces have an atmosphere of their own and spark your creativity.
Customizable — as a tenant, you are welcome to make your own space look uniquely like you.

All this in a neighborhood that’s the center of development in Helsinki — a trendy and attractive district.

Contact us directly to discuss and arrange an onsite visit.


We have 23975 m2 of space to offer you in total. Multiple sizes, styles and layouts — even different buildings — to match your wishes. All flexible, inherently creative and tailorable to your needs. Interested? Get in touch, let’s go over your needs and match one or more of our spaces to your needs


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